Opportunity At Shivam Industries

Rising to the challange
Join Shivam Industries & you can be sure of one thing - no two days will ever be the same.

Ours is a Global business that is focussed on providing solution to customers problems in a highly competitive & fast changing industry. This position provides wide challanges to the team at Shivam Industries & contributes to a stimulating environment in which to work.

We are proud to have dynamic, able & committed teams in our organisation, capable of making the most of every new opportunity. A culture of continuous improvement throughout the company provides a positie environment in which our employee share & grow.

Open Communication
Teamwork has always been important to our success at Shivam Industries & we are committed to keeping people throughout the company involved & informed about all our activities & encouraged to contribute actively within an inclusive & participative environment. The use of sobhisticated knowledge & customer relationship management, ensuring that we can access & respond positively & quickly to customer & marketing needs.